Andrew Kolodny, M.D.
His primary area of focus is the prescription opioid and heroin crisis devastating families and communities across the country.

Anthony Wolf, Ph.D.
Covers Parenting.

Bernadette Wilton
Senior Drug Intelligence Officer

Bobby Petrocelli
$1300 per program (or less if presenting more per day), usually can do 2-3 presentations per day; fee will include travel costs, but not lodging costs if necessary.
Covers DWI.

Branch out Against Anxiety
914-666-1373 (Amy Rosenfeld)

Bullying Prevention: Considerations for Children with Special Needs
Serves Westchester County
Identify why bullying occurs, and the impact on the entire school community with a focus on children with special needs. Strategies for parents and schools to prevent bullying and to help children cope with bullying behaviors.

Bullying Prevention for Parents
Serves Westchester County
Appropriate for elementary and middle school parents. Learn information on: social aggression; research based strategies to deal with bullying situations; gender differences; and specific suggestions to help your child.

Bullying Prevention: What Parents Should Know
Serves Westchester County
Learn the effects of bullying on children who bully others, are targets of bullying, and bystanders. Learn strategies to help your children deal with bullying behavior.

Carlton Hall
Topics include Strategic Prevention, Community Development, Public Health, Coalition Empowerment, and much more.

Carol Mann-Cohen, MSW
Fee is $600 (may vary depending on presentation length), plus travel expenses.
Covers Parenting Issues (Developmental Issues, Problem Solving, and Values).

Children of the 80s and 90s Raising Children Today
Serves Westchester County
Is your parenting style based on your parents’ rules and values? Your choices as a teen? Scientific research? Learn how to choose an effective parenting style and increase your effectiveness in preventing substance abuse and other risky teen behaviors.

Christopher Bartolotta
Covers Law Enforcement Techniques (i.e. Controlled Party Dispersal)

Crashed Car, RJT Motorist Services and Stop DWI
No Fee
Covers DWI.

Creative Arts Team
Covers Alcohol, Drugs, and Teen Issues.

Chris Memoli
$750 per presentation. He is able to provide 3 presentations per day that could include an evening presentation to parents and if he is guaranteed 3 presentations (within one school or among multiple schools) in one day, the price is $600 per presentation. Travel costs will be additional, including travel from Suffolk County and a hotel should he stay more than one day.
Covers Making Good Decisions, Seatbelt Safety, and the Dangers of Drinking/Drugging and Driving.

David Pease
Covers Alcohol and Drugs.

Dan Lerner & Alan Schlechter “The Science of Happiness”

Dirt – John Morello
413-267-5557 (Katy Cassano)
$2,220 per show, plus travel expenses
Covers Addiction.

Divine Pryor
$1500 for speeches; day events/workshops are negotiable

Drunk Driving Simulator
Contact: James Tiedemann of the Westchester County Police 914-864-7700. Pat Tomassi at Stop DWI may also be helpful: 914-995-4115
Send a letter on school letterhead, preferably from the principal, but can be from a teacher, outlining their request and a few dates to work with, giving at least 3 weeks lead time. Send to George N. Longworth, Commission-Sheriff Department of Public Safety, Westchester County, 1 Saw Mill River Parkway, Hawthorne, New York 10532, or fax (914)-864-7741. Emails are not acceptable.
Serves Westchester County
No Fee

Eric Triana
Acting Unit Chief
Diversion Control Division
Drug Enforcement Administration

FACES (Maimonides Medical Center)
718-283-7861 (Andrew Gaines)
Serves Westchester County
$600 (block booking is available)
Covers Self-Esteem, Peer Pressure, Racism, Male/Female Relationships, Teen Relationships with Violence, Rape, Self-Esteem, Violence, Drugs, Sex, and AIDS.

Four Winds Hospital
914-763-8151 ex. 2299 (Cathy Thornton)
No Fee
Covers a variety of Mental Health topics.

Ginger Katz
Speaker travels nationwide.
Covers Drug Addiction/Abuse.

Harriet Turk

Hidden in Plain Sight
914-332-1300 (Kathy Cody and Carolyn D’Agostino)
Serves Westchester County
Mock teen bedroom that parents browse through to identify drug references. New information about “old” drugs. Update on “illicit” street drugs. Update on legal substances abused by youth.

Hidden Mischief – Mock Teen Room
845-294-9000 (Jennifer Ocasio)
Mock teen bedroom that parents browse through to identify drug references.

Hopes Door
914-747-0828 ext. 1014 (Kristen Orlando, Coordinator of “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” Teen Program)
Presentations and Workshops for Teens on Domestic Violence and Healthy Relations.

How to Talk to Your Children When They Won’t Listen
Serves Westchester County
Ideas and techniques to enhance communication with your children.

Isabel Burk
Fees depend on location, topic, and times.
Covers AOD Prevention, Inhalants, Prescription Drugs, Over-the-Counter and Herbal medications, etc.

Jacy Good – Hang-Up and Drive
203-270-1398 (Gina Wolfman)
Fees range, about $1600 for the day; 2-3 presentations, including an evening presentation can be offered per day.
Covers Distracted Driving.

Javier Sanchez – Chances and Choices
Fee is $3000, plus $500 travel per day. Can do up to 3 (one hour) presentations for this fee.
Covers “Living a Healthy, Safe, and Positive Life.”

Jeffrey Veatch
203-270-1398 (Gina Wolfman)
Fee is $1500 for the day including 2-3 presentations and an evening parent presentation.
He is a parent of a child who died from a drug overdose. He covers Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Presentation includes music and a personal story.

John Halligan
Fee is $2500 per day, includes all expenses.
Covers Bullying, Cyber Bullying, and Teen Depression.

Jonathan Strongin, D.A.’s Office

914-248-8585 (Jim Sullivan, Guidance Counselor)
Fee is $1000-1200 per day.
Covers Adolescence, Substance Abuse, COA, Death and Loss, Acting as Peer Role Models.

Juuls, Rips, and Clouds: Overview of Vaping
Serves Westchester County
Covers What parents need to know about vaping. “Show and Tell” of vape devices. Risks of youth vape use.

Katie Koestner
Fee Range is $1000-$5500.
Covers Sexual Assault, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Stress/Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Healthy Relationships.

Lee Livermore
NY Upstate Poison Control Center

Mark Sterner – Campus Speak
Fee is $3500-4500, includes travel and 5 hours of engagement (typically 2 assemblies).
Covers DWI.

Matt Bellace
All travel expenses are included in the costs. $4000 for 4 programs (assemblies, workshops, or an evening event), $3500 for 3 programs (assemblies, workshops, or an evening event), $3000 for 2 programs (assemblies, workshops, or an evening event), or $2000 for 1 program (daytime or evening).
Covers Making Healthy Choices, Pursuing Natural Highs, Brain Development, Substance Abuse, and Behavioral Management.

Meghan DuBois O’Connor
POW’R Against Tobacco
Covers Tobacco, Vaping: Impacts, Prevention, and Policies.

Michael Nerney
Costs $1800 for half of a day, $2300 for a full day.
Covers Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Biochemical Effects of Drugs, Current Trends in AOD use, Relapse Prevention, and Gender Issues.

Mike A
Presents personal story related to recovery.

Motivational Media Assemblies
Normal cost is $775 for one middle or high school showing, $895 for two and elementary schools pay $675 and $795. However, if two schools book together, the cost drops to $625 per school, and each may have up to two showings. If four schools book, then it is $500 per school and up to two showings per school.
Covers Positive Attitudes, Self-Improvement, Substance Abuse, Peer Pressure, and Drinking/Drugging and Driving.

Mykee Fowlin – The World Is My Stage
Costs $2000 for one performance, $3500 for two.
Covers Race, Discrimination, Violence Prevention, and Personal Identity.

My Sister’s Place
No Fee
Covers Domestic Violence Issues.

NY Council on Problem Gambling
Covers Problem Gambling: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Topics.

Office of Drug Prevention and Stop-DWI
914-995-4115 (Pat Tomassi)
Serves Westchester County
Covers Drug Prevention and DWI.

One Love Foundation
Covers Dating/Domestic/Partner Violence (Escalation Training).

Parenting Teens in Stressful Times
Serves Westchester County
Learn how to set limits, provide consequences, and improve communication. Help your teen with coping skills to manage social pressures and conflicts. Learn how to prevent substance use.

Parenting Your Middle School Aged Child
Serves Westchester County
What were they thinking? Learn information to help you understand your child’s behavior, attitudes and emotions. Effective communication with your child. Setting limits to reduce risks and increase protective factors for your child.

PEACE OUTside Campus
914-347-4411 (Kathleen Bonistall)
No established cost, but a donation is requested.
Covers the Promotion of Peaceful and Safe Living Environments in Off-Campus College Communities Nationwide.

Preventing Problems with Peers: Promoting Positive Relationships
Serves Westchester County

Project Rewind
Cost is $50 per classroom presentation, $100 for assemblies of 100 or more. Maximum of 6 presentations a day. Currently 3 presenters on staff.
Covers Alcohol Toxicity presentation by ER nurses.

Raising Resilient Children
Serves Westchester County
Learn factors which promote resiliency and reduce risks for unhealthy teen behaviors. Discuss challenging situations faced by parents and students and learn skills to address these issues (academic pressures, drug use).

Raising Teens and Tweens in Today’s World
Serves Westchester County
Covers current research about youth behavior, as well as risks for adolescent alcohol and drug involvement, including affluence, stress, and gender issues. Learn how to set limits which reduce risks and increase protective factors for youth. Learn strategies to talk with children about difficult issues (alcohol/other drugs, curfew).

Rick Adam
Encore Performing Arts
Cost starts at $700 for single presentation, $1000 for two. 5 presentations maximum per day and travel is included.
Covers Self-Esteem, Substance Abuse Awareness, Bullying, etc.

Risky business
Serves Westchester County

This panel program focuses on teen health and safety issues and can include: an adolescent medicine physician; an adolescent mental health practitioner; a substance abuse prevention professional and/or a bullying prevention expert from Student Assistance Services, a local youth officer, and/or an internet safety speaker.

Rollover Simulator
Covers Seatbelt Safety.

Ron Taffel PhD
Covers Parenting.

Rye Youth Council Players
Covers Lower Westchester
Fee starts at around $600, but is negotiable.
Covers Bullying and Peer Pressure.

Save-A-Life Tour
Covers Impaired Driving Prevention.

Say Something Beautiful
Costs $1200 for 2 daytime student presentations, plus $400 for an additional daytime presentation.
Covers Bullying.

Screaming with Pleasure Productions
Costs about $1000, plus travel expenses, but they are negotiable if there is more than one performance in a school (block booking available).
Covers Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Bullying.

Shaun Derik
Costs $3000, plus $100 travel per day. Can do up to 3 (one hour) presentations for this fee.
Covers Being Mindful of Negative Influences and Treating Others.

Shelby’s Rules
Parents speaking about a teen alcohol party.

Social Pressures: How to Talk with Your Children
Serves Westchester County
This event includes brief presentations by representatives from Student Assistance Services on: current trends in adolescent substance use; research on adolescent development; factors which can increase or reduce teen involvement in high risk behaviors; and parenting strategies. Parents then divide into small discussion groups lead by representatives from Student Assistance Services.

Stephanie Marquesano
CODA/Harris Project Presentation
Parent’s story of a young adult who died from a drug overdose. Includes discussion of co-occurring disorders.

Stephen Hill
Speak Sobriety
Covers Substance Abuse.

Steven Benvenisti, Esq.
(800) 529-2000
A lifesaving 50 minute program for teens which has successfully ended teen drunk/drugged driving.

Student Assistance Services Corp.
Serves Westchester County
Covers Bullying Prevention, Substance Abuse, Parenting, Hidden in Plain Sight, Vaping, Gambling Prevention.

Suniya Luthar
Costs $5,000, plus expenses.
Covers Students in High Achieving Schools.

Survive the Drive
Costs $500 for a half day (up to 3 presentations).
Teen Driver Safety Program

Susan Brownbill-Vega
Serves Westchester County
Covers Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, and Drug Awareness.

Teens, Parents, Drugs, and the Law
Ellen Morehouse at SAS
Covers Health and Legal Consequences of Underage Drinking and Drug Use.

Terence Houlihan, M.S.Ed, CRS
Costs $750 per hour presentation, $1800 for half day workshop, and $2500 for full day.
Explanation of the Brain, Body, and Behavior During Adolescent Development.

TFAC-Tobacco Free Action Communities in Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan
Covers Tobacco and Vaping Impacts, Prevention, and Policies.

Tom Grimes
New York’s Finest Speakers
Costs $975.
Covers Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, and Drug Awareness.

Tom Kersting
Covers Technology and Digital Influencers on Youth.

Ty Sells
Youth to Youth International
Costs $3000, plus $500 travel per day. Can do up to 3 (one hour) presentations for this fee.
Covers Alcohol and Drugs.

What Every Parent and Student Should Know About Prom Night and After
Serves Westchester County
A panel of experts (district attorney, judge, police officer, physician, and representative from Student Assistance Services), addresses the legal and health consequences of teen substance use. Skits performed by students or scenarios read by a moderator can be included, making the program appropriate for students and parents together. Scenarios portray issues that arise with the prom and parties. A panelist from the Taxi and Limousine Commission is included.

Wilkie Wilson, Ph.D
Costs $4000, plus expenses from North Carolina; there may be a discount for multiple schools.
Covers Drugs.

Youth Gambling: What Parents Should Know
Serves Westchester County
Covers Prevalence and problems associated with youth gambling.